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How I Did It: RIP

Remember Sunday’s post with the roadside memorial? I shared it on Facebook and a couple of Photoshop-savvy friends took guesses on how I created it, but they couldn’t figure it out. Their methods were more work than what I actually did. In fact, my method was ridiculously easy. I didn’t do any painting or erasing. […]


Photo Hunt: Lazy

I went to have my teeth cleaned last week and I saw this in the restroom. Seriously, are people so lazy that they don’t bother washing their hands thoroughly? Especially in a dentist’s office?


How I Did It – the Tripod-less Night Shot

I thought it would be fun to occasionally show how I created a photograph, whether it has to do with taking the photo itself or a series of effects added later. Today, it is really simple — I’m going to show you how I captured the night shot from earlier this week: If you recall the […]