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Photo Hunt: Hand

Toros Pottery sign

If you want pottery made by hand, Eagle Rock has it for you. Toros Pottery is full of lovely pottery art. Its proprietor, Toros Tngrian, studied in Europe, has a Masters Degree in Fine Art and over 20 years of experience.

Toros Pottery - closed on Sunday!

Naturally, it was closed when I went down there to take photos. That’s what I get for going out to shoot on a Sunday.

Don't believe the sign - it really was closed.

But you can see examples of Toros’ work, not only by looking through the windows, but also all over the building where his shop is located, from the sign out front to the details on the walls.

Toros Pottery frog

The little wall frogs show some enchanting detail. If you have ever wanted to learn the craft behind this art, Toros also offers classes.

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