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Photo Hunt: Over

I took a very brief trip to New York this week, and it gave me the opportunity to take some shots while flying over the U.S.

Snowy mounatintops

These snowy mountaintops were probably the Rockies. They were majestic.

Almost in New York!

You can see JFK Airport directly below the plane. The great thing about the new cell phone law is we don’t have to turn them off when we are getting ready to land. That meant I didn’t have to sneak this shot.

This shot is a miracle - the 405 NEVER looks like this during a weekday

And I was also able to get this photo a couple of days later when we were landing at LAX. If you have ever lived in Los Angeles for any amount of time, you will be amazed by this photo. The 405 Freeway is never this wide open on a weekday afternoon!

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