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Photo Hunt: Spicy

Housemade Salsa Habanero at CaCao Mexicatessen

This is not the best photo but I could not resist featuring one of my favorite Eagle Rock eateries, CaCao Mexicatessen. I have not had their Housemade Salsa Habanero, but I am sure it is pretty darn spicy, considering that the habanero chile is one of the hottest edible chilies… and “edible” might be overstating it. You do not want to eat a habanero chile all by itself! Properly made into a salsa and washed down with beer or milk (never water), it can be tasty… if you can stand the heat!

While not everything on CaCao’s menu is spicy, many items are, including the Azteca mocha latte I got the day I took this photo. My mouth was burning for quite a while after I finished it. From now on, I am sticking to the Abuelita’s mocha latte. It’s still spicy but much milder.

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