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Photo Hunt: Fresh

Fresh fish at Seafood City

Eagle Rock is an odd blend of two very different populations: a large and vibrant Filipino community who regularly buy their fish whole and know how to whip up amazing meals from scratch, and a slightly aging hipster community, often semi or completely vegetarian, who are frankly grossed out by the site of fresh fish staring up at them. Since I am one of the latter, this was not the most fun I’ve ever had with a Photo Hunt theme!

But even though I don’t think I’ll ever schlep any of these babies home, I do enjoy shopping at our local Filipino market, Seafood City (which curiously is located right in the center of a shopping mall that includes Macy’s and Target). It has all sorts of Asian treats you won’t find at the nearby Vons or Ralphs.

Fresh fish head

This fish head is not the kind of treat I mean! Although I am sure my cats would certainly consider it such. And I bet it makes an awesome soup.

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