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Photo Hunt: Under

Yes, it was that close! Not my house, BTW

I was not expecting to have this photo here for this week’s Photo Hunt! But when I was driving home from errands Friday afternoon, I turned on the local news station to find out a fire had broken out not far from my house! Because of the hot weather and dry conditions, we here in Southern California have been Under a fire watch. For good reason too — several fires have broken out in different areas in the past couple of days.

Fortunately ours was the smallest. After only burning 75 acres and no homes, the fire crews managed to knock it down. There were evacuations of homes on the other side of the freeway from us, but we stayed safe. A major fire near the Ventura and Los Angeles county line is much more dangerous than ours was. That one is still going on, so please send some positive thoughts to the residents impacted there.

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