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Photo Hunt: Spooky

Pirate skull

Out here in the Los Angeles area, I think people decorate for Halloween even more than they do Christmas, so it was easy to find all sorts of spooky decor in my neighborhood.

They must like spiders

This is the classic, toss-up-a-bunch-of-cobwebs-and-a-couple-of-small-ghouls-and-you’re-done decorating style.

It's overkill... ha-ha, I said KILL!

And there is always the one family that goes completely overboard. Actually, we have at least half a dozen homes that fall into that category, but this one, with its ghouls, monsters and horror scenes, is the spookiest.


See what I mean?


Although the sophomoric attempt at humor sort of destroyed the spooky effect, at least for me.

Is this sorry looking or what?

And then there are a few homes where you wonder why they even bothered.

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