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Photo Hunt: Play

Greenfield's Outdoor Fitness

At the park near my house, next to the children’s playground, there is an adult playground full of outdoor exercise equipment. I’ve tried out most of these contraptions and they are fun! But then, I consider exercise play.

outdoor shoulder press

This shoulder press uses your own body weight as resistance, like the power racks I used to enjoy at the gym.

Outdoor elliptical machine

This is like the elliptical machines at the gym, only without the motor and high tech readings. Bring your own heart monitor!

It's like running on air!

This is an air walker — cardio with no impact! It’s very fun, and as you can see, it has two different leg lengths.

Two-person cross country

This is a two-person cross country machine.

Outdoor leg press

This one is a leg press. Again, it uses your own body weight. You can work out with a buddy.

Always read the instructions!

Most of the equipment has instructions. They are made by a company called Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, and I think they are an awesome addition to my local park!

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